Widow of artist Leonid Baulin: When I organize exhibitions, it seems that Leon is alive

“When I organize exhibitions – I have organized a lot, I can’t name the exact number now, but a lot – it seems to me that Leon is alive, and it warms me. I understand how important he is, but the public, I think, does not fully understand it. Lion is valued in Daugavpils, but not in the country. I would really like him to sound in another plane, he deserves it. Artists need to be popularized, and I try, ”Rusid Baulin’s widow said at Vanda Baulina.

The current retrospective combines works created in different years and stored in the artist’s family archives. According to the curator of the exhibition Larisa Kaimiņa, 16 paintings and 21 graphics, as well as many miniatures and sketches can be seen. The atmosphere has been created in the room with the help of several things of the artist, which slightly resembles the aura of his Daugavpils workshop. “These are Leon’s plates and his palette, don’t hesitate,” stressed Vanda Baulina. Specially for the exhibition with the support of the State Cultural Capital Fund, Vladimir Watmacht has made the film “The World of Leonid Baulin”.

“Here you ask, who was important to Leon from the artists, philosophers.” He was fascinated by many things. I know that in his youth he was close to the philosophy of Leo Tolstoy. He liked symbolism, he liked Wrubel. Because of Wrubel, he was expelled from the Gorky School of Art in the early 1960s. By the way, it is very highly quoted in the artists’ environment. Symbolism was not seen at that time. The French Lon liked – Andre Deren, Georg Brack. Later, when he studied at the Academy of Arts in Riga, he became fascinated with Konrad Uban and Boris Berzins. When he started doing scenography, he was inspired by Māra Ķimele. He was always attracted to something new and great. And he easily absorbed everything. Many see Chagall’s motives in Leon’s works, although I do not remember that he was particularly impressed with Chagall. He liked Kandinsky, Paul Claire, ”explained Vanda Baulina.

Exhibition of Leonid Baulin’s works exhibition “Genesis”

59 pictures

This year, Vanda Baulina has already organized two exhibitions of her husband’s works – in Bebrene and Krāslava, Ilūkste region: It was nice, but he worked there. There have been many exhibitions in different years. I want to highlight the National Museum of Art, it was in 2005, a big exhibition and an honor – not everyone is taken there. Was in the Saeima, thanks to Alexei Vidavsky for light sand. Moscow House, Rezekne “Gora”. The Latvian National Association of National Societies had a wonderful exhibition a couple of years ago, and the head of the association, Rafi Harajjanjan, played Gavrilina, who was born in Vologda, but Leon was also born in the Vologda region. ”

Vanda Baulina tirelessly manages her husband’s rich archive, saying that she has almost finished this work. “What’s next – I don’t know. Of course, there will still be exhibitions.

I have been thinking about the book for five years and talking about it.

I’m probably talking in vain, happiness likes silence. Must be written. Maybe I will write on the 80th anniversary of Leon. It has yet to find the money. The opening of the exhibition was so secret. As a secret marriage. I didn’t invite my friends, I canceled the music program. But one day this Covid-19 will end and there will be a real opening – with music, guests and cognac, ”promised Vanda Baulina.

The exhibition of Leonid Baulin’s works “Genesis” in Daugavpils Local History and Art Museum is open until February 28.

Leonid Baulin

Leonid Baulin (1945–2002) was born in Russia, but his whole conscientious life is connected with Daugavpils. He graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts, engaged in painting, graphics, photography, scenography, interior and urban design. He was a teacher at the art school and at the “Sun School” reborn in 1992. The artist’s works are in the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Latvian Artists’ Union Museum, Daugavpils Local History and Art Museum, as well as in private collections in Latvia, Russia, Austria, Norway and Poland. In 2005 it was opened in Daugavpils Local History and Art Museum Leonid Baulin Art Hall. Leonid Baulin’s widow Vanda Baulin has compiled a complete catalog of the artist’s works and is doing a lot to popularize his work in Riga and beyond the borders of Latvia.

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