The heat record of November 22 was broken in Liepāja and Ventspils

The thermometer bar in Liepaja rose to +9.9 degrees, surpassing the +9.8 degrees registered in 1978. Ventspils also broke the 1978 record by one tenth of a degree, and the new record is +9.7 degrees.

In Liepāja and Ventspils, the strongest wind in the country was also observed in the last day – the south-west wind speed in gusts reached 24.6 meters per second in Liepāja port and 25.4 meters per second in Ventspils port.

In most of Latvia, the air temperature on Sunday morning has risen to +5 .. + 9 degrees, but in the eastern part of the country, thermometers show 0 .. + 4 degrees.

The thickness of the snow cover in the early morning in Dagda, Rēzekne and Zosēni was two to three centimeters.

It has already been reported that short-term precipitation is expected in most of Latvia on Sunday, there will be more precipitation in the afternoon and evening, weather forecasters predict. This is expected in some places with rain and hail, possibly also thunderstorms.

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