The crew of bobsleighist Bērziņš in the first race retains the chances for a trio in Sigulda

The fastest in the first race was the German pilot Francesco Friedrich, whose crew ensured a 0.03 second lead over his compatriot Johannes Lohner. Bērziņš lost 0.41 seconds to the leader, but 0.05 seconds behind the third place owner Mihaela Fogta from Switzerland.

Oskars Ķibermanis’ doubles were seventh in the first race, while Emīls Cipulis took 12th place in the competition of 13 crews.

The first trip of Ralph Bērziņš

The first trip of Ralph Bērziņš crew2min

Ralph Bērziņš, who starts together with pusher Edgars Nemmi, was the best first race in the Latvian national team.

Oskars Ķibermanis’ first trip

The first trip of Oskars Ķibermanis crew2min

The crews of Ķibermanis and Dāvis Spriņģis had several mistakes in the first race and the achieved result did not please the head coach of the team Sandis Prūsi.

Emils Cipulis’ first trip

Emils Cipulis’ first trip2min

Debutant Emīls Cipulis, who starts with Kristi Lindenblat, made more mistakes at the bottom of the track after a good start.

Interviews with Latvian pilots after the first trip


After the trip, Ķibermanis said that everything was fine with the equipment, but in the modest result, he should rather blame himself. Kiberman could not immediately say why the trip was not successful, and the pilot would have something to think about.

Meanwhile, Bērziņš admitted that there is nothing to worry about, but the trip was not the best either. Bērziņš expressed hope for a good second trip to fight for the podium. Cipulis, on the other hand, said that he lost his rhythm in the middle of the track and could no longer control the trip well.

Interview with Gati

Interview with Gati9min

In an interview with Latvian Television, Gatis Gūts, a member of the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) jury, said that among the participants, Covid-19 cases were before the World Cup stage, but all analyzes performed on Friday and Saturday were negative. If the rules are followed carefully, the cases will be eradicated, so everyone should be accustomed to the rules being taken seriously, Gut emphasized.

In the competition held the day before, the men’s bobsleigh doubles were won by the German crew of Francesco Friedrich, but the best of the domestic pilots was the 5th place winner Ralfs Bērziņš, leaving Oskars Ķibermanis immediately behind. Latvian pilots who started on Saturday rode with other pushers – Bērziņš’s crew included Arnis Bebrišs, while Ķibermanis – Matīss Miknis.

Next weekend, the competition will continue in an identical format – on Friday in the skeleton for men and women, on Saturday in bobsleigh races for both men and women, and on Sunday there will be another two-crew competition for men.

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