IDB complains of alleged police misconduct in monitoring compliance with pandemic restrictions

There is a tendency in the applications received by the Bureau that persons complain about the actions of the police, checking or not checking the fulfillment of pandemic restrictions, as well as about the actions of employees of institutions, performing procedural actions and not taking into account the threat of a pandemic, Mūrnieks explained.

Also, in some cases, tests have shown that individuals use Covid-19 to avoid procedural steps.

There is a possibility that a virus pandemic and its impact on the national economy may also create new opportunities for money laundering or temptation to commit crimes. At present, it is only possible to conclude that the number of proceedings initiated for bribery has increased, but the office is closely following current events, Mūrnieks pointed out.

The bricklayer did not deny that the fact that the persons involved in the criminal proceedings investigated by the IDB in self-isolation or quarantine sometimes prolongs the progress of the criminal proceedings.

The functions of the IDB are to detect, prevent and investigate criminal offenses committed by the State Police, State Border Guard, State Fire and Rescue Service, Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, State Security Agency, Ministry of the Interior Information Center, Ministry of the Interior Health and Sports Center, Ministry of the Interior officials and employees.

The IDB also investigates violent crimes committed by Prison officials, Port Police officers and municipal police officers.

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