Ogre takes away a “powerful” third quarter and wins “University of Latvia”

“Ogre” won the “University of Latvia” (LU) in its square with 83:58 (14: 8, 18:12, 33:13, 18:25).

Even before the match it was known that Ogre team leader Kaspars Bērziņš, as well as Niks Jansons and Renārs Magone will not go on the field. Meanwhile, the recent acquisition of Eduards Hazners managed to play the first game.

The most productive winner in the ranks with 18 points and seven rebounds was André Terel Volker, who is the most productive Ogre this season. Kristaps Dārgais scored one point less, who also had four balls under the baskets, but Uģis Pinete added another 16 points.

16 points and seven rebounds for Anrijs Miškis, while Kārlis Zunda scored another 16 points, eight rebounds and seven assists in the ranks of “University of Latvia”.

The game started with inaccurate shots performed by both teams, but after a little more than a minute the result was revealed by Kristaps Dārgais. Alberta Putan’s long shot put the students in the lead for a moment, but in the quarter, the guests could no longer gain the lead. After almost five minutes played, Darling scored 9: 5 with two “penalties”, while André Terel Volker scored the remaining five Ogren points.

In the next ten minutes, both teams improved their accuracy, but the University of Latvia still played quite passively against a team that did not have two leading basketball players.

Ogre started the third quarter with a rebound of 8: 2, but thanks to the accuracy of Volker and Rinalds Sirsniņš, another rebound followed 8: 3 shortly after. In the quarter’s continuation, “Ogre” was accurate from time to time, both from a half-distance and a long-distance distance, but students with an accurate shot were able to answer infrequently. Uģis Pinete’s two-point throw allowed “Ogre” to finish the third quarter with +32 (65:33).

In the last ten minutes, the home team played more passively, allowing the “University of Latvia” team to express themselves, which after six minutes played had scored four points more than their opponents (15:11). The students were still able to slightly lose the advantage of “Ogre”, but failed to play, experiencing a loss with 58:83.

“Ogre” with four victories in eight games takes the third place, but LU has lost in all nine battles and is the last among the six teams.

“Ogrei” (78:67) prevailed in the first round.

“Ogres” ‘s so far unconvincing balance sheet is related to the game calendar – all four losses were experienced in games with “VEF Rīga” and “Ventspils”. The last failure a week ago in Ventspils was especially painful, where the guests were in the lead for the whole second half, but played the last minute very unsuccessfully (81:82).

Meanwhile, “Liepāja” in Saturday’s first match with 79:72 (22:20, 23:22, 13:16, 21:14) won “Valmiera Glass” “Vidzeme University College” and for a while took third place in the tournament table.

The most productive in the Kurzeme team with 21 points, six balls under the baskets and four assists was Dāvis Geks, but Roberts Bērziņš stood out with 13 points.

Edmunds Elksnis and Ervīns Jonāts scored 18 points each in Valmiera club, who also won seven and six rebounds, respectively. Elksnis also intercepted the ball four times.

The Kurzeme team with four victories in nine games is in the fourth place in the Latvian team tournament, but the Vidzeme team with two successes in eight fights is the fifth.

In the first round game, the winners were determined at the very top, where the Liepaja team was colder (88:86). At that time, the people of Valmiera spent the whole game a little more stable, and were in the lead for a longer time than their opponents. However, “Liepāja” managed two breakthroughs.

Several injured players have returned to the rank of “Liepāja” and a week ago they managed to beat the University of Latvia very convincingly (79:62). The best statistics for Ilya Gromov during the season (15.3 points and 8.9 rebounds). This week, Liepāja strengthened the bottom of the basket with Zigmārs Raimo, who started his professional career in Lithuania.

In the last 20 days, the people of Valmiera have played only one game in which they were unable to impose a serious fight “VEF Rīga” (64:93). For the third season, the strong leader of the team is Edmunds Elksnis – 21.2 points and 8.3 assists (the best result in the league).

It has already been reported that teams will play in the main event only within their own countries. Initially, it was planned that it would be only from October 3 to December 5, when 30 games between Latvian teams were planned, with seven Estonian teams also playing their mini-tournaments.

Given the rapid spread of Covid-19, it has been decided that the main tournament will be played in two separate groups – Estonia and Latvia – with a four-round tournament in each of them.

There are still discussions about how the playoffs will be played.

In the main tournament of the third season of LIBL, 13 teams were scheduled to play a two-round tournament, which would be followed by a playoffs – a quarter-final series and a “Final Four” tournament.

13 teams are participating in the LIBL championship in the 2020/21 season – six Latvian units – “VEF Rīga”, “Ogre”, “Ventspils”, “Valmiera Glass” “Vidzeme University College”, ” University of Latvia “and” Liepāja “, as well as seven Estonian teams – Tallinn” Kalev “” Cramo “, Rapla” Avis Utilitas “,” Parnu Sadam “,” University of Tartu “, Rakvere” Tarvas “, Tallinn” Kalev “/ TLU and” TalTech “.

In the first Latvian-Estonian joint league tournament in the 2018/2019 season, Ventspils won 15 teams in both the main tournament and the Final 4, but the 2019/2020 season remained unfinished, finishing first in the main tournament, which was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. taking “VEF Rīga”, the second – “Ogrei”, the third – Tallinn Kalev “” Cramo “and the fourth -” Ventspils “.

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