News in light language on November 21

Mention the tragedy of Zolitude

Today is the day of remembrance of the Zolitūde tragedy. 7 years ago, on November 21, at 17.44 minutes, the roof of the Maxima store collapsed in Zolitūde. 54 people died and dozens were killed. No official memorial service took place today due to the state of emergency in the country due to covid. But people mentioned the dead. They lit candles and laid flowers at the scene of the tragedy. Fire sirens also sounded.

Many new cases of Covid have been discovered in Latvia – 19 cases

Last day, a large number (642) of new cases of Covid 19 were discovered in Latvia. Seven Covid-19 patients have died. Epidemiologists say this is not extraordinary. Seven-day results should be evaluated. They show that the disease has started to spread more slowly.

Almost half of the detected cases of Covid – 19 are in Riga

Almost half of the detected cases of Covid 19 were in Riga last day. More than 2 thousand people have fallen ill in Riga in the last two weeks. The disease has continued to spread rapidly in Daugavpils, Salacgrīva, Limbaži and Jelgava areas.

In Lithuania, the infection was confirmed in 1983 people

In Lithuania, infection of the new coronavirus was confirmed in 1983 people and 17 people died. In Estonia, Covid 19 was discovered for another 305 people.

Covid – 19 continues to spread in Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, Covid 19 continues to spread. Almost 25 thousand new cases of infection were detected in Russia last day. In Russia, the number of Covid-19 infected this week exceeded 2 million. Only the United States, India, Brazil and France are more infected.

In Europe, Covid – 19 infection is already registered in 15 million people

Covid-19 infections have already been reported in 15 million people across Europe. But the good news is that the number of new infections has fallen by 7% in a week. Experts attribute this to the strict restrictions imposed.

Rain and snowfall are expected in Latvia at night

Not only strong winds are expected in Latvia at night, but also rain and snowfall. D, SW wind gusts will reach 14-19 m / s, but on the coast 26 m / s. It will rain heavily in Kurzeme, there will also be rain and wet snow elsewhere. Snowfall is expected in Vidzeme, Latgale and Selia. The air temperature at night will be -1 .. + 4 degrees, but in Kurzeme +7 .. + 10 degrees.

There will also be short-term rain and hail tomorrow, but the sun will shine in some places. The wind will be gusty. The air temperature will be +6 .. + 9 degrees, in Latgale and east of Vidzeme +2 .. + 5 degrees.

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