Latvian scientists even see the intensity of Covid – 19 in the analyzes

The current samples are brought in and the shift begins. Here, too – at the State Scientific Institute – employees work shifts and they do not meet. The second shift usually ends at twelve at night so that all analysts receive results the next day. The preparation of genetic material takes two hours, the test itself – three. It turns out that the virus concentration can also be seen during testing.

“Yes, we see a lot of covid, a little covid, and we see we don’t know anything about humans, but we talk to each other – this after the disease, or there is accidental contact. And we repeat the analysis to be absolutely sure,” says BIOR Microorganism Genome Research Group. manager Irēna Meistere.

Prior to testing Covid, BIOR also performed an international test. This means that in order for the chosen test method to be accredited, samples were obtained from an international reference laboratory and searched for cotronavirus. Also, samples are now retested regularly to prevent errors.

“Errors are always possible, but the percentage is negligible. Minor! The test is accurate. The error rate adds up to 0.01%, but the test itself is essentially reliable and specific,” says Master.

BIOR Deputy Director for Laboratory Affairs Olga Valciņa states that every negative sample is tested every tenth positive sample. “Let’s repeat it. Despite the fact that we always test every positive and do not give it out. There is also an effect on how much virus was there at the time, how tightly the tampon was pressed, also how long it was possible to run without providing conditions, from very many However, mistakes are kept to a minimum, “said Valciņa.

Absolutely all samples – both positive and negative – are stored. “It’s a normal quality requirement. At Covid we keep minus 80 degrees,” says Master.

The storage of all samples also allows for the handling of disputes. For example, in one case, BIOR turned to the police for forgery of documents. The reason is that a young person for whom the coronavirus was not actually found here made changes to the report sent by the laboratory, changed it to positive and sent it to his educational institution. What has now happened is being assessed by ombudsmen, but the sample of analyzes retained is evidence.

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