For the second game in a row, the Balcers score the Oilers victory goal in the Norwegian Championship

The Oilers won the Gruner with a 4: 2 (1: 1, 1: 0, 2: 1) away.

Balcers spent 19 minutes and 47 seconds on the pitch, scoring in the ninth minute of the third period. Less than five minutes later, the attacker beat the opponent’s goalkeeper a second time.

The attacker scored a total of five shots, won 22.2% of the throws and ended the game with a positive efficiency of +2.

Balcers has stood out in eight games this season with four goals and five assists. He is the fourth most successful hockey player of his team.

Balcers also secured the victory for his team on Thursday, scoring the goal in the majority of the match in the 49th minute.

The Oilers are in fifth place with 18 points in 12 games in the Norwegian Championship.

Balcers last played for the Oilers team in the 2015/16 season. That year he was also crowned Norwegian champion for the second time in a row, but for the Oilers it was already the fifth title in a row. Also a year later, the Oilers celebrated the victory in the local championship.

It has already been reported that the National Hockey League (NHL) team Ottawa Senators, after concluding a new one-year contract with Latvian striker RÅ«dolfs Balceras, has hired him from Stavanger “Oilers”, where the Latvian had already played before going to North America. Balcers would have joined the Norwegian club earlier, but this was delayed by talks with Ottawa Senators over a new deal.

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